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FAQ on marquee letters, marquee numbers and marquee signs

What sizes are your marquee letters and numbers available in?

Marquee letters and numbers are available in sizes ranging from 18" to 5ft tall.

Can you make marquee letters and numbers taller than 5 feet?

The largest size we can do is actually 6 feet tall. However there will be a huge price jump from 5ft to 6ft. Prices start from $990 and above for each letter/number. Prices also vary depending on individual letter/number, some will be higher than $990. 

6 feet tall marquee letters and numbers also require a custom metal stand, which will also be additional costs. 

Please reach out for a quote for your 6 feet tall marquee letters and numbers. 

Can I choose my own letters?

Yes! Choose any letters alphabets A-Z, numbers 0-9, including any symbols including but not limited to &, #, @.

Can I choose my own font?

The quote we provide is based on our default font. We can use other fonts, but there will be an increase in price. Click here to see our default font.

Do you make marquee shapes and symbols?

Yes! We can turn any shapes and artwork into custom marquee signs. We can even turn your company logo into an eye-catching lighted marquee sign.

Do you only offer white marquee letters?

No, we can make them in any color you want! Click here to see our colorful marquee signs.

How do I display my letters and numbers?

Choose any display option. Have it freestanding on a flat surface or hang it on a wall.

Do the marquee letters and numbers require a stand?

Our letters and numbers can balance themselves on their own, but if you bump into them, they can possibly fall over. We recommend to always use a stand for safety. If you set up outdoor, on grass, in a windy area, or if you are not setting up a perimeter around the letters to prevent people from touching the letters (including but not limited to these circumstances), then a stand is required. We offer stands for an additional cost. 

Do you make stacking stands for stacking marquee letters?

Yes! Stacked marquee letters are stacked on top of each other using our custom metal stands. For example, stacking OH on top of BABY. It's a fun way to display your message. Each stacking stand is custom-built. In order to determine the size of the stand, we will need to know the width and the height of the words you are stacking. All fonts have different sizes, if you didn't purchase your letters from us, then you would have to measure yours. 

How do I place an order?

Please send us at email info@circlemakerstudio.com to get a quote. We will have to put together the order via email because every order is custom.

General information about the standard design for our marquee letters, numbers, custom marquee signs:


Our letter face is made out of wood, the side walls are made out of metal.


Our standard marquee signs have an open back. This means that the back side is not closed, it is not covered. When people take photos of the sign, they will not see the back side. If you'd like to close the back side, there will be additional costs. Unless otherwise specified, all marquee signs have an open back.

Our letters do not have a base or a stand. They can balance on their own on flat ground, but they do not have a base or stand on the back side or on the bottom. We recommend to always use a stand for safety.


Our letters come with lights bulbs. The standard bulbs we use are clear incandescent bulbs. They cast a warm white light. 

If you’d like different colored bulbs, you must let us know before placing the order, there will be additional cost. Our standard bulbs are not LED bulbs. LED bulbs will also be additional cost.

Power Connection

Our letters are powered by an electrical outlet, they are not battery operated. The letters have standard US plugs. 

Each letter has a male and female plug. Multiple letters are connected together so that they plug into one outlet. We provide cables to connect the letters. You can also use any extension cords. This also means you are able to mix and match different letters to spell out different words!

Production Time

Standard production time is 7-8 weeks from the date of payment. We can rush an order, but if it's too close to the ship date, there may not enough time to fabricate it. Rush fee applies.