Memorable Business Storefront

Light up your business. Light up marquee signs give your customers something to remember your store for, or provide a gorgeous photo-op to encourage word-of-mouth and photo sharing on social media.

Creative Event Lighting

Stunning soft, glowing lights for your fairytale wedding, baby shower, birthday parties and more. Creative lighting options that will have a huge impact on the look and feel of your event.

Custom Event Fabrication

Custom props, large-scale art installation, scenic displays to captivate your audience, create successful storytelling for your experiential marketing event, retail displays, set building.



We provide event producers with the fabrication capabilities to transform ordinary spaces into photo-worthy moments 


Marquee letters and marquee signs are fun ways to celebrate your new titles as newlyweds, your birthday milestone, or reveal your baby's name. Marquee shapes and symbols can also add character to your wedding/proposal setup - Your big day deserves the biggest 5ft tall marquee ring! A custom marquee sign with your company's logo is for sure a way to impress everyone at a corporate event. We can turn any artwork, any shape into giant light up decor. The dazzling lights offer unlimited possibilities to create a dreamy space and make it a day to remember. 

We combine our high-quality, durable product with a design you love. Large marquee letters are unique decorations that will turn heads and make everyone smile!


Custom event fabrication, custom props, and scenic builds for brand activations, pop-up shops, trade shows, retail stores, corporate events, museum exhibits, product launches, film sets, restaurants, attractions and festivals. 

We fabricate large-scale art installations, scenic walls, prop displays, product replicas, custom retail display fixtures and furniture that will bring your marketing ideas to life. Our multidisciplinary team of fabricators partner up with event producers to put ideas in physical form and work out the technical considerations. We can design and build anything from scratch with precise specifications. We will make you something everyone wants to take pictures with!

Large Marquee Letters 

Marquee Shapes & Symbols


Other Custom Signs

Large Marquee Numbers


Wall-Hanging Marquee Signs


Custom Exhibits, Displays, Props

50 Marquee Number 4ft Rental | Large Marquee Numbers Rental | Giant Light Up Numbers Rental | Large Birthday Numbers
ALOHA Giant Marquee Letters 4ft 5ft Tall | ALOHA Marquee Sign | Large Marquee Letters with Lights | Hawaiian Wedding Birthday Decorations
ALOHA Giant Marquee Letters 4ft 5ft Tall | ALOHA Sign | Giant Light Up Flower Plumeria | Large Marquee Letters with Lights | Hawaiian Decorations
ALOHA Giant Marquee Letters 4ft 5ft Tall | ALOHA Sign | Giant Light Up Pineapple | Large Marquee Letters with Lights | Hawaiian Decorations