We are a custom fabrication shop located in Hollywood, CA. We build scenic builds and set construction. We’re a fabrication partner that connects event producers’ vision with the technical capabilities needed to achieve them. We specialize in carpentry, metalworks, CNC machinery, laser cutting, set building and installation for displays and environments. Your idea, our build.


To empower event producers with the fabrication capabilities to transform ordinary spaces into photo-worthy moments 


To help event producers maximize the full potential of their creative ideas and immersive environments


- CAD + 3D modeling

- CNC machinery

- Laser cutting

- Carpentry

- Metalwork 

- Creative engineering 

- Finishing

- Onsite installation & strike

We are a fabrication partner for experiential agencies, marketing agencies, special events production, film studios. We can build anything you can dream of and put your sketches into physical forms.

Our most popular product are marquee letters, but we build all types of projects:

- Custom exhibits

- Custom props

- Custom display solutions: display tables, display cases, display fixtures

- Large-scale art installations

- Scenic environments

- Giant product replicas

We fabricate custom builds for all types of events:

- Brand activations

- Popup shops

- Experiential marketing events

- Retail display

- Trade show displays

- Film sets

- Museum exhibits

- Product launches

- Restaurants

- Festivals

- Scenic fabrication for environments and stages.

We can make anything you can think of. We will help captivate your audience and create successful storytelling. We will make you something everyone wants to take pictures with!


Marketing events 

With the growing marketing noise, brands need to think outside the box and go beyond the traditional marketing channels.

If you’re looking for something that’s very creative, highly unusual, thought-provoking or emotional - our custom fabrication will be a compelling solution for this.

Giant light up decor and custom displays is a highly engaging marketing strategy. An effective campaign generates earned media coverage enhancing overall reach. For this reason, our custom fabrication will be an effective part of your overall marketing strategy when launching a new product or campaign. Are you looking for organic customer sharing , such as a social media mention after someone visits your store, a 5-star Yelp review, or a repost of your social media posts? Giant light up letters, marquee signs, custom exhibits that build themed-environments will encourage word-of-mouth sharing and social media sharing.

If your events aim to bring brands to life through immsersive brand experiences especially with brand activations like a pop-up store or other experiential marketing events, our custom fabrication and custom decor will imprint long-lasting emotional connections with your target audience. Engage your audience through memorable experiences and engaging storytelling.

Weddings, bar mitzvahs, birthdays, baby showers, corporate events 

Large light up letters is a popular photo backdrop and decor trend. Giant MR & MRS letters in 4ft tall, large light up LOVE letters, wedding couple initials letters, 4ft tall light up heart marquee sign, OH BABY letters for baby shower, large marquee numbers for birthday decorations. 

The soft glowing lights are creative lighting options for your event. It will have a huge impact on the look and feel of your event. 

Retail displays, trade show displays, restaurant displays, custom exhibit displays 

We can help elevate your in-store retail experiences and bring your brand to life. Take your marketing idea and turn it into in-store retail displays that create a buzz and encourage word-of-mouth marketing, photo-sharing, and media coverage.

Whether you’re looking for a custom facade, back wall, large-scale art installation, merchandise display build-ups, visual fixtures, giant custom props for window displays, product replicas, custom retail display shelves, custom retail display tables, custom product display, custom merchandise displays, store display fixtures, trade show booth displays, vendor displays, display showcases and more - we do it all.

A one-stop shop for custom retail displays and merchandising solutions. Use our custom exhibits to build a themed-environment that will bring your brand to life.

In-store and in-person shopping experience is irreplaceable because customers can see, touch and feel the products. That is inherently the limit of the e-commerce experience. Creative retail displays build brand loyalty and help with higher conversion rates. 

Build a memorable storefront, provide a gorgeous photo-op to encourage word-of-mouth and photo sharing on social media. Partner up with us to present your retail products and elevate your consumer experience. 


We work with brands to bring their vision to life in innovative ways.