Custom Fabrication

Our custom fabrication provides a one-stop shop for custom props and scenic builds. We partner with event producers to build and install immersive environments for brand activations, pop-up shops, trade shows, retail stores, corporate events, museum exhibits, product launches, film sets, restaurants, attractions and festivals. 

“To achieve great things, two things are needed: A plan and not quite enough time” 

Let us be an extension of your team and help you bring your vision to life.

Build With Us

We're a custom fabrication shop in Los Angeles. We are a fabrication partner for events, venues, retail, films. We build custom props and scenic displays of all sizes. If you're looking for a fabricator partner to carry out your creative vision, get to know us and find out how we can help build an impactful experience. 

Our team of fabricators are experienced with a great variety of materials, environments, timelines, and budgets. We can design and build anything from scratch with precise specifications. Whether it's product replicas, custom props and exhibits, large-scale art installations, scenic builds, stage designs, retail display fixtures, event entryway, trade show booth walls - our custom fabrication will create a themed-environment that reinforces your branding, and transforms ordinary spaces into magical moments.

We believe that adding a fun element to your events is the key to make it memorable. It's that picture they save on their phone, or share on social media, that makes them remember the event. Organic sharing of events is the most effective way of maximizing your reach - unsolicited 5-star Yelp reviews, customer tagging your social media. A personal way to reach your audience and create an online buzz.

Custom Builds for Events, Film and Television, Retail Displays

  • 1.

    Set building

    Scenic environments, large-scale art installations, event entryways, dance floor installations

  • 2.

    Large scenic walls 

    Trade show booth walls, back walls and towers, custom backdrop

  • 3.

    Custom exhibits

    Custom props for window displays, film sets, trade shows, restaurant displays. This includes giant props with any shapes, artwork, finishing, design. Custom exhibits to build themed-environments

  • 4.

    Giant product replicas

    Design and build product replicas from scratch with precise specifications

  • 5.

    Custom display solutions

    Store display fixtures, display showcases, display boxes

  • 6.

    Custom-built furniture

    Custom retail display tables, retail display shelves, custom product and merchandise displays, trade show booth displays

  • 7.

    Photo-worthy displays

    Custom displays of photo-ops that encourage organic photo-sharing at brand activations, marketing events, pop-up stores, restaurants, venues, festivals, attractions.


  • CAD + 3D modeling
  • CNC machinery
  • Laser cutting
  • Carpentry
  • Metalwork 
  • Creative engineering 
  • Finishing
  • Onsite installation & strike

We are a fabrication partner for experiential agencies, marketing agencies, special events production, film studios. We provide event producers the fabrication capabilities to transform ordinary spaces into photo-worthy moments. 

Set Building

A dance floor installation inspired by Tiffany & Co. box ribbon. 

Custom exhibits

Custom display solutions

Product Replicas


Mesobis produces cannabis-infused gummies called "gomitas". It is an artisan cannabis and lifestyle brand inspired by the celebration of Latin American culture. Born in LA with a Latin soul, Mesobis is on a mission to empower a new generation to embark on a journey to reconnect with their hybrid roots. The brand aims to translate defining moments from Latin American tradition into modern day culture through curated collections of authentic products, experiences, and content. 

We created a product replica of their iconic pyramid-shaped gummies. The product replica is designed to be used as a custom display table, to display their products at a cannabis trade show. Check out their Facebook, Instagram, Website.

Titanic Wreckage Model Diorama 1/350 Scale

A titanic wreckage diorama, 1/350th scale model. It is a beautiful replica of the rusted corpse of the once great ship. An accurate replica of historically accurate features. Through extensive research of original plans, historical drawings, actual photographs, and 3D models, combined with the technical needs of woodworking and metalwork - we ensure the highest possible historical accuracy, and a high level of realism in the presentation aspect. We are a team of craftsmen, designers, constructors who never run out of ideas or inspiration. We have the ability to fulfill the design needs of handling fine details of any custom project, of any size and design.

A display of Titanic’s rusted pieces sitting on the bottom of the Atlantic. It includes a bow and stern section, 3D printed engines, scratch built interiors, diorama display, custom-build display case. Handcrafted and designed with professional craftsmanship.

Custom Props 

Product replica of a sniper's rifle built from scratch, using MDF, EVA foam and other materials. Created for a film set.

Large Foam Letters

Large floating foam letters created for Yelp’s event in Los Angeles, CA. They float in water. These large foam letters are 4 feet tall, made out of 2-inch thick styrofoam. Floating pool letters are perfect for summer pool parties!  Check out Yelp's Facebook, Instagram

Creative Lighting Options 

Custom Display Showcases

 Custom display cases, acrylic display box with wooden base. Constructed from high-quality oak with a decorative trim for a classic look. Custom-built display cases of any sizes for museums, retail displays, exhibitions, trade shows. We design decorative and practical display cases that marry function and aesthetics. Our display cases are minimalistic but sophisticated, decorative but practical.


What can you make?

Our custom fabrication of custom displays, furniture, props, large-scale art installations provide a one-stop shop for special events, brand activations, experiential marketing events, retail display, trade show displays, film sets, festivals and attractions, museum exhibits, scenic displays for environments and stages.

Custom props and displays can complete your theme. The immersive experience is highly impactful and creates a personal connection. Events and spaces that produce these experiences drive positive brand sentiment. It can be much more effective than paid media or any other digital experiences, which inherently limits the personal touch.

A perfect venue and exquisite cuisine may not be enough to encourage organic sharing, but a great photo-op will.

What materials do you work with?

We work with a wide scope of materials including wood, metal, plastic, foam and more. Our team of multidisciplinary fabricators are equipped with the expertise, knowledge and machinery to create any scenic display, set building, custom props.

What services do you offer?

CAD + 3D modeling, CNC machinery, laser cutting, carpentry, metalwork, painting and finishing. We also offer onsite installation and strike. 

What kind of set building and retail displays can you build?

Custom fabrication of scenery and custom displays in all sizes for special events, retail stores, films sets.

We build all kinds of giant props and custom decor that will impress your guests. encourage word-of-mouth and social media sharing. 

Why us?

We express a passion for helping people create and celebrate moments. We build experiences that initiate personal connection and encourage photo-sharing. We would love to be an extension of your team and help make your wildest dreams come true!