Dry Dock Displays - Our Story



Displaying your model is really what adds the final touches to your build. With the belief that a ship model display base deserves more than just an afterthought, our product sets out to create an innovative structure with purpose and aesthetics for the key part of your ship’s final presentation. 

Launched in 2020, Dry Dock Displays introduced a new aesthetics for ship model display bases rooted in passion for naval history and artistry for skillful woodworking. With your ship always in mind, we design with a realistic and functional approach to display style that any model builder, art collector, and history lover can appreciate. 

We elevate every detail on your ship and add untold value. The Dry Dock Displays design offers an innate sense of nostalgia. We bring history back and keep memories alive. Dry Dock Displays is an innovative ship model display base, but above all it’s a place to display your story.