Giant MR & MRS Letters 4ft Tall Rental | Light Up MR and MRS | Large Light Up Letters Rental | Large Marquee Letters Rental
  • The letters are cut from wood, the side walls are metal

  • Rental comes with a stand for a safe event setup.

  • We can change the color of the letters, at an additional cost

  • Cables are included to connect multiple letters together so they can all be plug into one outlet

  • The rental price listed is for MR & MRS 


LARGE Marquee Letters Rental for wedding

This listing is for 4ft tall large marquee lights rental near Los Angeles area.

Large lighted marquee letters that spell your new MR & MRS title. Giant light up mr and mrs for romantic wedding decor. Other popular wedding marquee letters include 4ft marquee light up heart sign to pair with 4ft light up LOVE letters, or wedding couple initials in large lighted letters.

Light up letters are stunning soft, glowing lights. They will be a gorgeous photo op and enhance the warm atmosphere. The options are endless when it comes to taking your event lighting to the next level. 

Our custom fabrication of giant letters are also impressive decor as giant props and scenic displays for retail displays, brand activations, experiential marketing events, trade show displays, restaurant decor, stage designs.

The rental price for MR & MRS in 4ft is $400 + $250 refundable damage deposit + delivery + tax

* Our rentals serve Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego area. Rentals are for a 24-hour rental period.

* A refundable damage deposit is required. A credit card authorization form is also required.

* Delivery is required, we do not allow pickup/ drop offs due to risks of damaging inventory while being transported.


Choose any letters
We rent out full alphabet marquee letters A-Z, marquee numbers 0-9, and marquee symbols. This listing shows MR & MRS, but you can choose any other letters. All of our rentals are 4 feet tall letters.

Choose any color
Most marquee letters rental companies only offer white letters. We are different because we can turn our letters into any color you like, at an additional cost. Pink sweet 16 giant lighted numbers, or red couple initials. Get creative and choose a different color for each letter. Our rental letters can be customized to match the perfect theme of your perfect event. See our colorful marquee letters here.

Customizable bulbs
The default bulbs we use are clear incandescent bulbs. They cast warm white lights. 

Colored bulbs (incandescent bulbs) are available for rent at an additional cost.

Please let us know before placing the rental order if you want different bulbs than are default bulbs.

Freestanding letters
Freestanding letters that stand securely on the ground. A stand will be provided with the rental for a safe event setup. We recommend setting up a perimeter around the letters to avoid people from bumping into it (including but not limited to these circumstances). The type of stands may vary depending on what we have in our rental inventory.

Flexible Power Connection
The letters are powered by an electrical outlet, they are not battery operated. The letters have standard US plugs.

Multiple letters are connected together so that they plug into one outlet. We provide cables to connect the letters. You can also use any extension cords.

Open back letters
Our standard letters have an open back. This means that the back side is not closed, it is not covered. When people take photos of the sign, they will not see the back side. 


The total rental price is Rental + Refundable damage deposit + delivery + tax

Refundable Damage Deposit
Your order will require a refundable damage deposit, which will be returned to you when the items are returned in its original condition, which is no damage. We inspect our rentals thoroughly after each rental to ensure they have no damages before renting them out. The amount of the refundable damage deposit varies depending on your order.

If it is determined that damage has occurred, the deposit will be returned less actual repair and cleaning costs. If repair and/or cleaning costs exceed the damage deposit amount, the Renter will be charged the difference on their card on file on the Credit Card Authorization Form.

If other charges are incurred, such as additional delivery charges, those charges will be deducted from the Refundable Damage Deposit as well. Refundable Damage Deposit is not limited to only repairs and loss on the rental.

The Refundable Damage Deposit will be refunded within 5 business days after the rental is returned in its original condition, which is no damage. 

Credit Card Authorization Form
A signed Credit Card Authorization Form must be submitted upon placing the order. 

In the event that the rental isn’t returned before the agreed date and time for any reason, or in the event that the repair/ cleaning costs, as well as additional delivery charges exceed the Refundable Damage Deposit amount, the card provided on this Credit Card Authorization Form will be charged for all damage or loss totaling more than the Refundable Damage Deposit.

Delivery Policies
Delivery fee will depend on the travel distance and how many letters are in the order. Please let us know your event venue zip code, and we will look up delivery fees.

Delivery/pick up at your event is during business hours 10am-5pm. Before or after will incur extra fees.

Please note that we are unable to touch or move your belongings. Please make sure your area is ready for the Rental to be delivered/picked up.

* Standard Delivery *
Standard Delivery means ground floor delivery to the first area of the venue, business, house etc. Our driver will load it off the truck, and drop off at the first area of the location. This does not include set up or tear down.

* Special Delivery *
Special Delivery includes but are not limited to the following. There will be an additional cost:

- The item needs to be delivered to a specific floor or area. 
- The item needs to be delivered or picked up after-hours, on a holiday. Regular delivery/pick up hours are 10am-5pm, if your time falls before or after this, there will be an additional charge. 
- if you require same day pick up
- Your area has stairs
- Your area has an elevator 
- Your area requires excessive walking to get to
- Your area is difficult to get to

* Additional delivery charges *
Additional delivery charges may apply, including the terms under “Special Delivery”, as well as the following circumstances (including, but not limited to):

- If Rentals need to be set up and tear down in different areas/rooms
- If Rentals need to be picked up or dropped off in different areas/rooms
- If your area is not ready for the Rental to be set up when we arrive. We are unable to help move any of your belongings. We would then leave the Rental at the entry of your location. We are also unable to wait for you to set up the area. 
- If the renter is unreachable at the time of delivery/pick up
- If we have no instructions on where to leave the Rental at delivery
- If we have to reschedule the truck + delivery/pick-up, to make an extra trip to come back for the Rentals, including but not limited to delays caused by the renter.
- If the Rentals are not ready at the scheduled pick up time. All rentals must be together and ready for pick up. Any delays caused will cost additional delivery charge.
- All letters must be accessible with nothing blocking them. Furniture or other items cannot be blocking the path we need to carry the letters through. We are not allowed to touch or move your belongings. An additional charge will be applied for any delays caused by renter.
- If there are any delays caused by the Renter

Please make sure you review our delivery information thoroughly to avoid additional charges.


No Cancelation, Refund or Exchanges

Balance must be paid in full upon placing the order. We do not accept cancelations or offer exchanges for any reason. Once the order is placed, we are unable update any details of the order including date, time, location, and rental items. 

Rental Availability

Our rentals are available for events that are at least 4 weeks away. Rush fee will apply if your event is less than 4 weeks away.

Loss and Damage

The Renter will be responsible for the risk of loss, theft, damage or destruction of the Rental from any and every cause, after delivery to Renter and Renter’s acceptance of Rental. In the event the Rental is lost, stolen, missing, destroyed, or not returned on the agreed date and time for any reason, Renter shall be responsible for the cost to replace the Rental at its full retail price. 

Safety of Setup

You are solely responsible for determining that the items purchased are suitable and safe for your intended use. It is responsibility to decide whether your event set up is safe. Under no circumstances, should you allow people to climb on or push the letters. Children and pets must be kept away from the letters, otherwise they must be under close supervision if they are near the Rentals.

We recommend setting up a perimeter around the letters so your customers are not allowed to touch the letters, as they could push them, damage the letters or injure themselves.

How to reserve the letters and get a quote

Please send us an email and let us know:

- What letters you're looking for

- Date of event

- Event venue zip code

- Type of delivery required (Standard delivery or special delivery)