Marquee Letters Stand for Giant Light Up Letters | Marquee Lights Stand | Lighted Letters Stand(Individual Stand for Individual Letter)
  • No-drill assembly. No need to use any special tools. Easily attach and take down the letters at every event. 

  • Hidden behind the letter, won't be visible from the front in photos.

  • It stows flat. Easy to transport, convenient for storage.

  • Sturdy structure, it stands securely on the ground.

  • Custom-built to fit your letters.


Marquee Letters Stand | INdividual Stand for Large Light Up Letters

Marquee letters metal stand designed for a safer event setup. This sturdy stand will hold your giant marquee letters upright and prevent the letters from falling over at an event. Decorate your letters with a balloon garland or wedding backdrop to complete the look!

Individual stands for individual letters are ideal for displaying marquee numbers like 50, 16. They are also ideal for letter displays that don’t want the stand to be visible from the front.

-One order has (1) individual stand. A stand is $195 + shipping + tax

*Shipping cost listed is not accurate, please reach out to get shipping cost*

*Please reach out and let us know the dimensions of your letter. The stand is custom-built to fit your letter*

-Each stand is made of a sturdy wooden base and a metal pole.

-We offer stacking stands to stack marquee letters too. 


No-drill assembly
Easy to set up and break down. No-drill assembly. No need to use any special tools. Easily attach and take down the letters after every event.

Hidden behind the letter
An individual letter stand is hidden behind the letter, it’s not visible from the front, which makes it aesthetically pleasing for photos. Metal frames can be an eyesore if there isn’t a balloon garland or other decorations around it. An individual stand will look like it isn’t even there.

Fit any letter
All alphabets A-Z as well as marquee symbols, marquee numbers 0-9 can use the stand. The stand is designed for letters that between 3 feet to 5 feet tall. The stand is custom-built for your letter. We would need to know the dimensions of your letters.

Portable construction
It stows flat. The metal pole comes apart, which makes it easy to transport, convenient for storage.

Sturdy base
The base and the stand's structure is sturdy, it stands securely on the ground. The stand weighs about 15 lbs.

Safe event set up
The marquee lights stand comes in handy especially for outdoor events. Display your letters on grass or other surfaces that are slightly uneven. Set up outdoor without having to worry about the wind.


- Letters are attached to the stand through a clamp on the back side of the letter. Loosen the clamp and insert the pole. Then tighten the clamp. No-drill assembly, conveniently attach and take down the letters at every event.

- In order to use our stand, your letters will need to have a C-clamp on the back side of the letters. All of the letters we create already have existing hardware on the back side of the letters. However if you didn’t purchase the letters from us, then yours may not have hardware on them. If they don’t, then you would need to attach one on the back side of your letters. We can give you suggestions on the C-clamp we use, and how to attach it. But it would be up to you to attach it. C-clamps are included.


Fully custom frame
If you want to have a fully custom frame for your specific word, we can adjust the dimensions of the metal frame so that the dimensions fit your word perfectly. Additional costs apply.

Metal frame
Metal frames are multifunctional, it will fit any words you want to display. For longer words, simply place another frame next to it, so you can have more space to spell a longer word. One order comes with a set of (2) frames, 10 feet in width in total.

Stacking stand
Stacking stands for stacked marquee letters that allow you to stack one word over another. Stacked marquee letters use our custom metal stands to display letters creatively and save space at events with limited space. For example, stack “OH” on top of “BABY”. Aside from OH BABY letters, other ideas include giant MR & MRS letters, MARRY ME letters etc. Stacking letters is a fun way to display your message.

Additional costs apply. Pricing varies depending on how big you need the stands to be. Please let us know the height and width of your word.



One stand is $195 + shipping + tax.


Shipping costs vary per order. Each design will have a different size and weight. Please reach out and let us know your zip code, so we can look up your shipping costs. 

Production Time

Standard production time is 7-8 weeks. For larger orders, it will take longer than this time frame. Please reach out to confirm the production time if you have a deadline.

Rush orders are available with an additional rush fee. Please reach out for more information and let us know the rush date you need it for.

No Refund, Returns or Exchanges

All items are final sale and are not eligible for return, refund, or exchange. Please review our store policies below.