Marquee Movie Poster Frame for 24x36 poster | Vintage Movie Poster Display Frame Marquee Style | Theater Marquee Sign Home Theater Sign Movie Room Decor
  • Fits a 24x36 poster

  • Choose any color for the frame (at an additional cost). Default color is black.

  • Choose any other size

  • Plexiglass front covering is included

  • Pricing can vary depending on color, size, design


Vintage style marquee Movie poster frame

Marquee Movie Poster Frame for a 24x36 poster

A lighted poster frame, large marquee frame, large light up frame for movie poster displays. A vintage style marquee poster frame used for movie room decor, theater marquee sign, home theater sign.

The standard marquee poster frame is $410 + shipping + tax

* Please reach out before placing the order to confirm the frame color and any customization requests 

* Please reach out to find out shipping cost

Marquee lighted poster frame will create a memorable and welcoming space. They are popularly used for businesses, restaurants, cafes, venues, movie theaters, and home decor. They can add character to your home theatre decor or make your restaurant an iconic landmark. An immersive glow will create a warm ambience for your space.


- Plexiglass front covering is included. 
- Hooks are attached on the back for hanging on a wall.
- Dimensions of the frame is 42" tall x 31.5" wide x 1" thick. It fits a 24 x 36 poster.

Choose any color 
Choose any color for the frame, at an additional cost. The default color is black. We can make a red, green, blue, or even a gold movie poster frame!

Choose any size
The standard size for a 24x36 poster. We can make it in any size. Pricing varies.

Fully customizable
We can add any other features to the marquee frame. Let us know your idea and we'll build it. The frame is fully customizable. We will design and build you marquee poster frames with a striking appearance.

Interchangeable bulbs
Our frames come with light bulbs. The standard bulbs we use are clear incandescent bulbs. They cast a warm white light. 

If you’d like different colored bulbs, you must let us know before placing the order, there will be additional cost. Our standard bulbs are not LED bulbs. LED bulbs will also be additional cost.

Power connection
Our frames are powered by an electrical outlet, they are not battery operated. The frames have standard US plugs. The plug can be tucked behind the frame so that it isn’t visible from the front. You would have to provide your own extension cord to plug the frame into an outlet. Extension cords are not included.

Frame design
The frame is made out of wood. Our standard frames have an open back. This means that the back side is not closed, it is not covered. When people take photos of the frame, they will not see the back side. When it’s hung on a wall, they will not see the back side. The frame does not have side walls. 



The price of a frame for a 24x36 poster is $410 + shipping + tax. 

If you customize it, pricing varies depending on the color, design, and size.

The total price will be item price + shipping + tax.


Shipping costs vary per order. Each design will have a different size and weight. Please reach out and let us know your zip code, so we can look up your shipping costs. 

Production Time

Standard production time is 7-8 weeks. For larger orders, it will take longer than this time frame. Please reach out to confirm the production time if you have a deadline.

Rush orders are available with an additional rush fee. Please reach out for more information and let us know the rush date you need it for.

No Refund, Returns or Exchanges

All items are final sale and are not eligible for return, refund, or exchange. Please review our store policies below.