BEER Marquee Sign | Custom Vintage Marquee Sign for Restaurant Cafe Bar Man Cave
  • The letters are made of wood, the side walls are metal

  • Choose any color (at an additional cost)

  • Choose your display option, mount it on the wall or have it freestanding on the ground

  • Cables are included to connect multiple letters together so they can all be plug into one outlet

  • The price listed is for BEER (four letters), in this specific font only


BEER Marquee Sign light up Marquee Letters 

A BEER marquee sign will be the perfect bar sign for any occasion, anywhere! These light up marquee BEER letters will be an impressive statement piece for your restaurant sign, wedding, man cave, party, home decor.

Available in giant 2ft, 3ft, 4ft tall giant marquee letters. 

Light up your business or warm up your home with our marquee lights BEER sign!

We can also make any custom marquee shape like a marquee logo for restaurants, giant 4ft tall marquee heart for weddings, giant 4ft tall marquee ring for proposals etc.

*Please reach out to find out shipping costs, the shipping price listed is not accurate, because all orders are custom, so they will have different heights and weight*


Choose any letters
We can make marquee letters A-Z, marquee numbers 0-9, and marquee symbols. Pricing provided is based on our default font, but we can do any fonts at an additional cost.

Choose any color
The letters can be made in any color (at an additional cost). Default color is orange. Get creative and choose a different color for each letter if you'd like! See examples for inspo here.

Choose any display option
(a) Freestanding letters
Freestanding letters can balance on their own on flat ground. We include wedges for letters that have a rounded bottom like the letter O. But it is your responsibility to decide when a stand is needed for safety. If you are setting up outdoor, in a windy area, or not setting up a perimeter around the letters to avoid people from bumping into it (including but not limited to these circumstances), then a stand is required for safety. We offer stands at an additional cost.
(b) Wall-hanging letters
Wall-hanging letters will have hooks attached on the back side of the letters. Additional charges may apply, such as hanging larger letters, or adding a backplate.

Durable material 
The letters are cut from wood and side walls are metal. They are durable and strong, can be safely transported and set up at events. 


Flexible power connection
The letters are powered by an electrical outlet, they are not battery operated. The letters have standard US plugs.

Multiple letters are connected together so that they plug into one outlet. We provide cables to connect the letters. You can also use any extension cords. 

This also means you are able to mix and match different letters to spell out different words!

Interchangeable bulbs
The default bulbs we use are clear incandescent bulbs. They are G50 bulbs with an E17 base. They can be easily purchased from Amazon, Home Depot etc.

Our default bulbs cast warm white lights. The photos of the numbers in this listing use our default bulbs.

If one bulb goes out, you can easily switch that one out with a new one. It will not affect the other bulbs. 

Our lights are dimmable, you would just use a dimmer switch.

If customize your bulbs, and use different bulbs than our default bulbs, we will provide the info/purchase link so you can purchase extra bulbs if ever needed.

LED bulbs are available with an additional cost, our letters do not come with LED bulbs. Please let us know before placing the order if you want LED bulbs.

The letters stand on their own on flat ground. We include wedges for letters that have a rounded bottom like the letter O. The letters are heavy and sturdy, but if you are setting up outdoor, in a windy area, or expect people to bump into them, we offer metal stands for extra stability. Each metal stand is 5ft long, supports approximately 4 letters. The price for one metal stand is $350 plus shipping plus tax.



The price listed is for BEER (four letters)

The total price will be item price + shipping + tax.

These light up BEER marquee letters are available in 18"-5ft tall. The smallest we can make them in is 18 inches tall.


The price listed is for our this specific font shown in the BEER photo ONLY. Our default font is also the same price as listed. Please click here to see our default font. 

If you want a different font, the price will be higher, please reach out to get a quote for that. 


Shipping costs vary per order. Please reach out and let us know your zip code, so we can look up your shipping costs. Shipping price listed is not accurate, because all orders are custom, so they will have different heights and weight.

Production Time

Standard production time is 7-8 weeks. For larger orders, it will take longer than this time frame. Please reach out to confirm the production time if you have a deadline.

Rush orders are available with an additional rush fee. Please reach out for more information and let us know the rush date you need it for.

No Refund, Returns or Exchanges

All items are final sale and are not eligible for return, refund, or exchange. Please see our shop policies below.